Trade Show Models Makes the Difference

Trade shows are a 13 billion dollar a year business. In addition, they are a large part of your business plan, and provide a valuable platform from which you should introduce and grow your products and services.  You register well in advance as an exhibitor, set a large budget to help you plan and properly prepare, and spend a considerable amount of time working on the layout and build of the exhibit itself.  You do all of this with the expectation that you will create a buzz and get a bunch of orders placed.  Despite all this planning and preparation, you may still be looking for the competitive edge to help you meet your trade show goals.  That is where trade show models come into play.

Trade shows are an expensive proposition.  According to one source, “The industry average to purchase individual portable trade show displays is $100-$150 per square foot for larger displays. For example, 20×20 displays would cost between $40,000 and $60,000.  Exhibit Rentals are about 35% of the hardware purchase cost.”  This means the majority of your trade show budget will likely be spent on the actual display space.  Thus, you want to make the most of your investment, and flying extra team members out is not the most affordable or reasonable solution.  Therefore, trade show models make the difference.

Your event budget allocation will vary, but according to EXHIBITOR Magazine, here’s how the average trades show budget breaks down:

  • Space = 33%
  • Trade Show Booths & Graphics (construction/refurbishment) = 18%*
  • Travel & Expenses = 18%
  • Show Services (electricity, cleaning, drayage, I&D) = 12%
  • Shipping = 9%
  • Promotion = 8%
  • Miscellaneous = 2%

Trades show models is just a small cost comparatively.  The cost is low because you are using local trade show models, significantly cutting the costs needed for transportation and lodging for employees.  Local event models are easy to obtain, yet they usually make the difference in taking everything you have already established and making it stand out amongst the stiff trade show competition.  For example, well-staffed trades show booth can add and boost credibility with clients, prospects, and the media, whileusing inexperienced personnel can cause irreparable damage to your brand’s image. For that reason alone, hiring an experienced and professional trade show model makes good business sense.Trade show models are used by companies of all sizes at a variety of trade shows not just to increase sales and manage leads, but also to project a professional image of a well-run organization.

In addition to presenting a professional image, vendors typically seek trade show models for their beauty.  However, professional trade show models are very intelligent and often have college degrees. Moreover, trade show models generate interest in your brands product or service. Commonly referred to as Promo Models or Brand Ambassadors a trade show model’s goals range from drawing attention to the client’s booth with their good looks and charming personality toengaging attendees and qualifying sales leads. Trade show models are your best options for turning all your trade show investments into a sustainable revenue stream, and positive experience for new and existing customers.